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Big Beautiful Swappers!

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Maybe your unwanteds are someone elses treasures!
Primarily for PLUS SIZE CLOTHING but NOT limited to. (ie: feel free to post make-ups/hair pieces etc as well)

A few rules/disclaimers:
OWNER and/or MODS of this journal are NOT responsible for people who are not HONEST. Those things need to be worked out between yourselves, and we will mediate in no way. Get to know people and develope a repoir with them before you go mailing merchandise back and forth.
This is simply an outlet for "us" and "you" who are in communities together and have established relationships to trade our beautiful plus size unwanteds with one another..."keep it in the family" so to speak...trade your unwanteds for things you want instead of hawking them for 50c at garage sales.

Lets keep this for "appearance items" and not books/pots and pans/ things like that.

Feel free to post Ebay auction links if you have things you want to SELL as opposed to SWAPPING.

Please keep things on topic..only photos of merchandise need to be posted, only submit "ads" of things you are looking for or things you have to offer for "Swap".

Advertising for your BBW communites are welcome, as long as you aren't spamming them over and over.

Use Common Sense and Common courtesy, and this could be a lot of fun!

oh yea..no skinny minnies! this is for OUR kind to post our large clothes etc. and be the majority, instead of the minority.... I dont want to see any size 2 daisy dukes around here :)